The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

A copy of The Moon Dwellers was kindly sent to me by David Estes in exchange for an honest review. 

Amongst my myriad of emotions about The Moon Dwellers one stands out, the one that makes me go ‘ohmygod I can’t cope’ to the author (seriously, Tristan and Cole, I love you). This book is not only very well written, it’s extremely interesting, intriguing and insanely fast paced – the action continuously builds and there’s an underlying mystery to the whole thing. Young adult dystopian fiction is nothing new, it seems to be flavour of the year, but that’s fine by me as I love it, and I love finding YA dystopian fiction that’s actually really good. I liked the idea of Earth having to go underground more than I thought I would and the uncertainty over what has happened above ground.

The split stream of consciousness narrative between Adele and Tristan works really well as they each undertake their own mission through the Tri-Realms, although I have to admit I much preferred reading Tristan’s chapters, and his fantastic interactions with Roc, but that’s maybe just me and my aversion to female protagonists who are always slightly annoying no matter what they do.

Estes characterisation is fantastic. Tristan is, quite simply, awesome, and Roc rocks (get it? I’m sorry I won’t make any more terrible puns). Their relationship is probably one of my favourite things in the entire book and I loved their entire dynamic. Adele is (predictably) badass, but it’s Tawni and Cole that I found myself falling in love with, and Tristan, Roc and Cole are my standout favourites from this book. I’m a fangirl; strong attractive passionate men are my kryptonite and I doubt that will ever change.

My only real qualms with The Moon Dwellers is the predictability of what will happen between Tristan and Adele and the strange connection they seem to have; at the books end it is still a mystery and there is a little bit too much wonderful coincidence that keeps saving them all from death and destruction. I thoroughly enjoyed The Moon Dwellers, am definitely intrigued enough to read on, and will probably be reading The Star Dwellers and The Sun Dwellers just to see where David Estes is ultimately going with this story, and to read more about Tristan and Roc’s wonderful relationship (I still think they should get it on, just sayin’).

Read: April 20th-24th 2013

4/5 stars


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