Stitch by Samantha Durante

A copy of Stitch was kindly sent to me by Samantha Durante in exchange for an honest review. 

I am so beyond pleasantly surprised by just how good this book is. Fast paced, intriguing and relentless with its crazy plot twists Stitch is a truly brilliant debut and a fine addition to the dystopian fiction world.

Alessa is actually a fantastic female protagonist, I am amazed by how much I liked her – she’s flawed, she’s tough and a little bit nuts, and I genuinely think she’s great. I’m more than a little bit in love with Isaac, he’s beyond wonderful and I think I appreciate the early twentieth century outfit a little bit too much, swoon. The romance wasn’t overdone and exaggerated, which I will be forever grateful for, and worked alongside the story nicely rather than becoming the story.

Now I just have to say this: holy mother of all twists half way through. Samantha, you got me, I did NOT see that one coming at all. I’d read the blurb and a few reviews so I knew this wasn’t going to be some paranormal love story but I had no idea just how big a bombshell was going to be dropped. I’m floored. I’m amazed. I love this story and I love just how well everything was executed within it; the characters, the romance, the twist, all bordering on genius in my opinion. I am very excited to read the rest of this series and will definitely be buying Shudder when it’s published.

Read: May 3rd-4th 2013

4/5 stars


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