Creator Class by K. M. Breakey

A copy of Creator Class was kindly sent to me by K. M. Breakey in exchange for an honest review. 

Warning: review contains spoilers

Deep breath. Okay, here goes. I really didn’t like this book; unfortunately it was another one of those books that I think I just didn’t get like a lot of other people apparently did. Whilst it was quite intriguing to begin with, and easy to read, there were just too many instances where I found myself shouting at my Kindle in indignation over the, for want of a better word, bizarreness that is Creator Class. I quite liked the premise of the novel, the idea behind it is genuinely interesting, but the execution of it was terrible.

Breakey has used about twenty different dialects when writing dialogue, going from southern hick to California surfer to Brit kid, and it just doesn’t work. The use of ‘gotta’, ‘ya’, ‘ain’t’ became tiresome very quickly, I can only cope with so much idiotic slang at once, and when you’re using words like cadence, gravitas, oligarchy and jocularity in your narrative it just sounds silly. The characters were mostly moot points for me, they had no real depth and I felt absolutely no compassion for them whatsoever. Shawn had potential to begin with; although I did find his physical description being portrayed and admired from his Nan’s point of view creepy. She was checking out her grandson. The C-classers were obnoxious entitled idiots and the P-classers didn’t seem to matter much or think that much mattered at all. Why should I care about the characters when Shawn doesn’t even care that his own beloved Nan is terminated? Or that Gus is his grandfather?

22% through I think I lost any respect I could have had for this novel with its completely backward society – insane sexism AND homophobia within three sentences? But everything is still allowed in C-class? I get that this is dystopian but to have a society so completely backwards and contradictory when the narrative, plot and characters aren’t strong enough to carry it just doesn’t work; it just makes the reader angry for all the wrong reasons, this is meant to be an enlightened age. ‘Hypocrisy was alive and well in 2083’, you got that right. Also, ‘The return of innocence, restraint and chivalry.’ I clearly missed any instances of chivalry in this novel, and Shawn’s interaction with Shantel was horrendous and ridiculous as he found her completely uninteresting except for the fact she had a pleasing face and big chest. Nice. Really nice.

The John Wayne incident (as I think of it anyway) has annoyed me beyond belief. If you’re going to have an actor with the exact same name as an actor who was dead before the establishment of your futuristic government then you make it clear that they are in fact a DIFFERENT person, instead of letting a reader be stressed out and annoyed by your apparent lack of research.

I feel harsh but at the end of the day Creator Class just wasn’t for me and I’m not going to lie about that. I am disappointed, annoyed and confused by it and the ending was a complete anti-climax, not that I was expecting much from it. However, I’m sure (just look at the other reviews) that many people will love it and enjoy it and find deep messages within it; sadly I was not one of them.

Read: July 3rd-4th 2013

1/5 stars


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