Eden (Eden, #1) by Janelle Stalder

 (A copy of Eden was kindly sent to me by Janelle Stalder in exchange for an honest review. 

Eden is a well written and intriguing start to a series. The plot is strong and I loved the narratives that took part in Eden; the prologue really hooked me and I think I would have given Eden four stars if it had taken place entirely in Eden.

I loved the characters, and the way that they developed throughout the novel. Aiden is loveably awkward, Wolf is hilarious and Elisa is brilliantly badass (I actually liked her which was a nice surprise). Callum was easily my favourite and I loved reading about his journey to the city through Rose’s perspective (I’d definitely read on to find out what happens with these two!). It did make me wonder if there was meant to be a villain in the story though – Callum is originally shown to be some kind of traitor to his father and brother but he is incredibly likeable.

My only issue is that I think it may have worked better, for me, if Aiden had either come from Eden itself or had some kind of link to Eden before he was transported there, as his appearance there was very sudden and didn’t entirely make sense.

Read: July 16th-19th 2013

3/5 stars


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