Gone by Michael Grant (series review)

Gone (Gone, #1)

Oh man, I do not want to be in a world left to fourteen year old psychopaths. I mean, I would have poofed, but that’s not the point. For the sake of this review I am fourteen, okay? Okay.

Michael Grant, dude, your imagination is dark. This is a really good story, it’s fast-paced, insane, gruesome, painful and completely absorbing. It was actually a lot darker than I thought it would be, maybe naively, because the characters are all so young. Who’d have thunk kids could be so cruel? Disturbing.

Can you even imagine being a kid and suddenly everyone fifteen and over disappears? Add into that mutant powers and serious behavioural issues and you have one hell of a shit storm to deal with. There are so many kinds of messed up and crazy in this book it’s untrue (Cain and Drake, I’m looking at you), but I liked it. What can I say, I like flawed heroes and Sam Temple is definitely one of my favourite male protagonists…ever. He’s just cool, brah (everyone should say brah more, I think).

The plot, the characters, the endless possibilities, are brilliant and I will definitely be hunting down a copy of Hunger to see where this series goes. I freakin’ love this crazy book

Read: March 29th-April 7th 2013

4/5 stars


Hunger (Gone, #2)

Oh my god, this book, this series. I’m only two books in and I’m already so beyond coping. The story is so insanely fast paced and tense, I actually feel out of breath from reading the last hundred pages. I love the characters, I love all the crazy twists and I love that I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Brilliant.

Read: May 23rd-27th 2013

4/5 stars


Lies (Gone, #3)

Michael Grant, I am both awed and horrified by your writing, you have a seriously dark imagination.

Read: June 5th-7th 2013

4/5 stars


(No review for Plague (Gone, #4) – read: June 7th-11th, 4/5 stars)


Fear (Gone, #5)

AAAAAAAAH! This book, this series, these characters, oh my god. Just…ohmygod. I can’t even write a proper review anymore because everything that happens in Perdido Beach is just too insane and I am far too emotionally invested in these characters and Light is going to be the death of me. Oh my god.*

Read: June 13-15th 2013

4/5 stars

*spoilers from Goodreads removed


Light (Gone, #6)

Oh, wow. This series. This entire freakin’ series. Michael Grant has created something truly amazing with his Gone series. It’s amazing, fast-paced, violent, insane and at times almost too hard to read. I was beyond coping from the moment I started reading Hunger and that throat constricting, heart pounding feeling when reading never went away. Light was the endgame, the conclusion to everything that had happened to Sam Temple and the unfortunate children of the FAYZ and it was a conclusion of epic proportions. I couldn’t have even attempted to guess half the things that happened in this book. I AM IN SHOCK. I WAS CRYING. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S OVER. I feel like I’ve been a part of the FAYZ these past three months. I have laughed, cried, felt sick to my stomach and fallen head over heels for these books and these characters. I still can’t quite believe it’s over; it’s been one hell of a ride.

Read: June 15th-17th 2013

5/5 stars


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