A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

I completely understand why this is considered such an important and groundbreaking piece of literature, and I imagine it elicited many shocked gasps when it was first performed. A Streetcar Named Desire is definitely a product of its time, even with some oddly relevant topics – power struggles, family strife, husband/sibling issues and domestic violence – but the different relationships and power struggles, especially between Blanche, Stanley and Stella, are fantastically written; I love the way Williams has shaped the characters and their hugely differing backgrounds, the characterisation is simply superb. I did find it difficult to like any of the characters, (except maybe Mitch), as Stanley’s a brute, Stella’s a simpering idiot and Blanche is crazy in the most annoying way, but this was part of what made it such a good read; as much as I disliked them I was riveted by their relationships and interactions, and still desperately wanted Stanley to be challenged and mocked by Blanche. I would definitely like to see it performed, as with all scripts I think they are much more riveting and real when you see actors bring the characters truly to life.

Read: March 25th-27th 2013

4/5 stars

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