The Dark Side of Truth by Gary A. Caruso

A copy of The Dark Side of Truth was kindly sent to me by Gary A. Caruso in exchange for an honest review. 

Sometimes a book comes along that you’re not sure you’re going to like, that you read in dribs and drabs, unsure whether you want to carry on, saying a few times ‘nah I’m done with this now’, and suddenly you’ve finished the book and you realise that you did actually enjoy it and that the characters got under your skin whether you wanted them to or not. The Dark Side of Truth is that book. Somehow Will and Mason’s crazy little The Goonies-esque murder mystery got me interested and kept me reading, even when I thought I didn’t want to anymore. 

In The Dark Side of Truth we follow Will, a foster home kid who’s been shit on by everyone around him until now; his mother is dead, his father is in prison as a convicted thief and he just doesn’t care anymore. Yes, he’s a bit of a jackass who needs to realise the good things he does have in life, but I always rooted for him while he was trying to save his dad from going back to his prison. He’s an utterly believable teenager who’s been through far too much in his short life, idiotic comments included (because, seriously Will, just because someone is a woman doesn’t mean she can’t take your punk ass down in a fight). Mason, his adorable ginger-haired science partner turned friend, stole my heart completely, and his and Will’s friendship was a lovely thing to read about as it developed, and I’ve never been quite so amused by the idea of two teenagers making a getaway on a scooter.

The plot itself is quite far-fetched and ridiculous at times, but that’s okay, this is fiction after all and escapism is my jam, and Caruso has succeeded in writing a hilarious adventure, complete with cliché bad guys (and far too many good cop/ bad cop scenarios) and a mysterious man with facial tattoos. There is always something waiting to unfold and hook you, making you want to read on, even when you declare to your best friend that this book is predictable and you’re not going to read it anymore – yes, it is predictable but at the end of the day it is just so much fun at the same time. As someone who rarely reads murder mystery style novels I was pleasantly surprised by The Dark Side of Truth, I’d take everything that’s happening with a pinch of salt while reading it, but if comic adventures get you hot, you just might love this. 

Read: May 19th-27th 2014

3/5 stars


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