A Lonely Magic by Sarah Wynde

Received from NetGalley for review. 

DNF @ 20%

Nope, I’m done. This is insipid and ridiculous, and I refuse to waste any more of my time reading a book that is annoying me as spectacularly as this one. I can’t abide any of the characters except Luke and too many stupid things have already happened. Notes on the first 20% below.

-Narrative – Fen’s perspective, lots of internal monologue going on. Often silly. I am clearly expecting far too much from this book.

-Far too much emphasis on physical appearance. Apparently smoothing creases out of your trousers makes you gay? At one point a guard MUST be gay because he doesn’t look at Fen in her bedspread dress and on Caye Laje none of the men are immediately dangerous because they give casual glances and polite nods? What is going on in your head Fen?

-Fen – far too easily distracted by pretty faces, I like attractive men but I can assure you I wouldn’t be concerned with gorgeous eyes if I was about to die or woke up naked in a strange place, no sir. Fucked up past but is turning her life around until the day she is nearly killed. Seems far too unconcerned by everything that’s happening. She reads R&J, of course. Eye roll. Lusting over Kaio’s laugh. GAG.’As you wish’ being referenced by creepy main man. SERIOUSLY STOP IT’S NOT WORKING I AM CRINGING.

-Kaio & Luke – brothers who are some kind of faerie I think, summoned by a crystal. Whisk Fen away to Caye Laje.

-Kaio – takes Fen and an injured Luke to safety. Pretty bland, gorgeous and polite and all that. Yawn. Stalker vibes.

-Luke – cute patootie, saves Fen from someone trying to kill her and gets injured in the process. I think I’m going to love him.

Read: July 11th 2014

1/5 stars

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