The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling

Received from NetGalley for review.

I was incredibly excited for the chance to read The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling – anything with a circus will always grab my attention – and it didn’t disappoint. It is an incredibly fun romp through Victorian London, with a touch of steampunk, featuring circus performer and thief Rémy Brunel, detective turned suspect Thaddeus, street urchin J and the mysterious Professor.

It tells the story of Rémy, a talented aerialist performer who happens to be a very talented thief. She gets her most important assignment, to steal a diamond owned by the Shah of Persia, but events unfold in unexpected ways for everyone involved and she finds her life inexplicably linked with a young detective and a street urchin. Rémy is quirky, talented and lovable, and I found myself engrossed in her story, and the way that it intertwined with everyone else’s, especially Thaddeus’ and J’s – all the characters complemented each other really well, even if there was a touch of insta-love.

Is it a bit ridiculous at times? Yes, but in the best way – an Indian diamond, a curse and a corrupt Lord’s mysterious tunnels will do that, but that all adds to the enjoyment, I think.The Diamond Thief is incredibly entertaining and whimsical, the writing is lovely and the historical setting adds just the right amount of magic. A highly enjoyable read.

Read: May 8th-12th 2014

4/5 stars


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