Eren by Simon P. Clark

eren banner

Once upon a time,’ he said, ‘a boy dreamed, and all his wishes came true. Once upon a time, old things woke up, and magic – real magic – came back into the world.’

Eren is a beautifully written story – a haunting tale about the nature of stories themselves, beginnings and endings, about childhood, family and secrets.

It is an eerie and unexpected journey with Oli, a young boy who has been moved to the countryside for the summer and just wants to know why his dad hasn’t joined them yet. Eren, who lives off stories, has settled into the attic above Oli’s room, he is a strange combination of myth, dream and, perhaps, monster, and I was utterly riveted by him and the tales he told Oli.

There is a certain darkness to Eren, he is both chilling and exciting to encounter, that contrasts wonderfully with the naivety of Oli and his friends, it is both very real and whimsical fantasy. The relationship between Oli and Eren was fascinating to read; it was hard to figure out what Eren really wanted from Oli, he could change so easily.

The writing is a joy to read and very reminiscent of David Almond’s Skellig – Clark has a true gift for words, making them float right off the page into reality.

Read: September 25th 2014

4/5 stars


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