The Ruby Airship (The Diamond Thief, #2) by Sharon Gosling

3.5 stars

The Ruby Airship is the follow up to Gosling’s first novel of the series, The Diamond Thief, and it is just as much fun in places. It picks up where The Diamond Thief left off; the evil Abernathy has been defeated and Rémy is living in London with J, the lovable street urchin, working as a trapeze artist whilst trying to figure out where she belongs, both within the world and Thaddeus Rec’s life.

The action definitely picks up when Rémy returns to France with an old friend, Yannick, and Thaddeus and J decide to follow in an airship that was designed by the Professor. Rémy and Thaddeus are as ridiculous with each other as always and J, along with his new friend, is fantastically funny. New characters and crazy moments keep you entertained throughout, and I found myself wondering about the loyalty of some of the characters for a large portion of the book – I like that it wasn’t too predictable, even if I figured out some things pretty quickly.

Once again it’s a bit of a fantastical, exaggerated story but I think that’s what makes it so fun. Even with a few editing issues, notably a horse that was being ridden bareback suddenly gaining stirrups, it’s still a very enjoyable read. It is pure fun, although I did find it a bit slower in places than The Diamond Thief, but fans of the story will surely love this one as well. Like the circus it’s larger than life and a thoroughly entertaining adventure.

Read: March 15th-30th 2015

3.5/5 stars


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