Treasure Darkly (Treasure Chronicles, #1) by Jordan Elizabeth

Received from NetGalley for review.

Treasure Darkly is an amusing mixture of steampunk and western, old and new, humour and fantasy. It follows Clark Treasure, the bastard son of Garth Treasure, an extremely wealthy rancher who takes him into the family and opens up his world. Despite this stroke of luck, Clark is hiding a secret – he is wanted for taking a potion off his dead mother’s client long ago, a potion that gives him the ability to bring people back from the brink of death. All is not as it seems, however, when Clark’s new half-sister Amethyst, is kidnapped and killed by the family enemy, Horan. That is, of course, until Clark brings her back to life.

As you would expect, things are not what they seem – how is it that Clark can bring people back to life? Why do the Horan’s hate the Treasure’s so much? And is Clark actually a Treasure? It’s a bit predictable – I found that I knew half of what was going to happen from the blurb alone – but fun nonetheless. Steampunk and western is a combination I have never read before and I found it to be rather hilarious.

The characters were likable and amusing – Clark has the whole broody, damaged thing going on, Georgette is a lovely mother figure and Amethyst is pure amusement, she’s such a self-absorbed brat looking for attention you can’t do anything but laugh. The entire cast of characters behave as you’d expect and there are a few nice little twists and turns. All in all Treasure Darkly is incredibly fun, a little bit predictable, but fantastic if you’re looking for something a little bit different and a lot amusing.

Read: March 31st-April 5th 2015

3/5 stars


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