Fairy Keeper by Amy Bearce

Received from NetGalley for review.

Sierra is a Fairy Keeper, born with a birthmark that means she can collect the precious nectar from the fairies. She only does this to keep her illegal alchemist father happy and his attentions away from her little sister, Phoebe, who she will do anything to protect. But one day she discovers the fairies are dead and their queen is missing, and the only way for her to save Phoebe from a terrible fate is to go on a wild quest and find the queen.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t read this for days and then I started skimming. The first few pages had a lot of promise, it had an interesting start, the writing wasn’t bad and the characters of Sierra and Phoebe had potential. To begin with I was interested in the story, wondering what might happen next, but after that…I just lost interest, I didn’t care, I wasn’t hooked. I won’t bang on about character and plot because I haven’t read it well enough to comment, other than to say I got very, very bored quite quickly, and I’m not even sure why – I’m sure lots of people will love this book, I feel like I should have loved this book given the fairy aspect, but the idea of continuing reading it felt like a chore.

A sad two stars from me, I might revisit it at another time, but for now I’m just not interested.

Read: April 26th-May 4th 2015

2/5 stars


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