A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz

Received from NetGalley for review.

A History of Blood and Magic was exceptionally weird, and nothing like I expected. The narrator is unreliable and intrusive and because of this the plot is all over the place, with a narrative format that makes no sense at all. Some people will like this, but it didn’t work for me. As for plot, basically, there is a war in Ferrum between the fairies, gnomes and tightropewalkers, and all the fairies left, except Beckan, Scrap and Josha (and Cricket but he is already dead as the story starts). There is no good reason that they didn’t leave with the other fairies, they just didn’t want to be a flighty stereotype, which is ridiculous when gnomes eat you and strange creatures take over your city. The story of this war is told throughout the novel and it is more of a history of what happened than the actual events, so there is surprisingly little action, and it slowly becomes clear who the narrator is.

It is dark, weird and incredibly strange to read; I’m not overly keen on intrusive narrators, I like to be left with just me reading and making comments on what happens, although I did like the little drawings, maps and other bits and pieces that were placed throughout. I can’t comment much more than that; I didn’t overly like or dislike the story or the characters, and I’m not overly sure what the point of the story was. A large portion of the narrative seems to be taken up with sex (Beckan, Scrap and Cricket prostituted themselves to the gnomes for food and money) and swearing. I get the impression it comments on ideas about race, war and family, but it was too much of a messy story for me to become invested in any of it.

Read: May 12th-17th 2015

2/5 stars


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