My Daylight Monsters (Mary Hades, #0.5) by Sarah Dalton

Received from NetGalley for review.

My Daylight Monsters is a brilliant starting point for a series, being the novella that led to Dalton’s full length novel Mary Hades. It provides a background for Mary and her troubles without being one massive info dump and tells a fascinating story, that, despite its short length, is an intriguing and mysterious tale; it is creepy, absorbing and brings the characters of Mary and her fellow patients to life vividly.

Mary is sent to a psychiatric ward after a fire at school and her proclamations of being able to see ‘Things’, monstrous apparitions that often provide her with foreboding messages of some tragedy. It soon becomes apparent, however, that although only Mary can see them, the Things do exist and are the ghosts of people who have experienced terrible deaths. Strange deaths start occurring in the hospital Mary is in and she is convinced that someone or something close is the cause, and that the ghosts are a warning sign.

The atmosphere is wonderfully tense and there is a feeling of menace throughout the novel; I could feel the unease seeping into me through the writing. At times it is almost like reading a modern day Girl, Interrupted with supernatural elements; not only is there a dark and scary vibe, but it makes you wonder whether the environment of a psychiatric ward can make you feel or act crazier than you are. The other characters, fellow patients, are extremely well developed in a very short time and Mary’s roommate, Lacey, is a shining star of hilarity and madness.

My Daylight Monsters is very well written and as easy to read as it is compelling. It sets up the story of Mary for Mary Hades perfectly. I look forward to reading more about Mary and her dealings with ghosts and their strange messages.

Read: June 2nd 2015

4/5 stars


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