Mary Hades (Mary Hades, #1) by Sarah Dalton

Received from NetGalley for review.

Mary Hades is an excellent example of a light paranormal romance; there are strange ghostly happenings alongside holidays romances and friendships, and I thought it was a great little read. I can imagine it being perfect to take on holiday or read at the beach; there’s just enough of everything – enough romance, enough supernatural, enough silly teenagers – to make it entertaining without being disgustingly fluffy or terrifying and heavy.

The books picks up where My Daylight Monsters finishes – Mary is out of the psych ward and goes on a camping getaway with her parents (and Lacey, as her ghost best friend which is hilarious) in Nettleby, North Yorkshire. It’s obvious that this won’t be some idyllic, sight-seeing holiday and when Mary see’s the ghostly Things, and then a young boy apparently committing suicide as they arrive at the camp, the tone of the book is clear – strange thing are happening in Nettleby, young men have been dying in strange circumstances, and Mary is going to get involved.

This is nowhere near as creepy as My Daylight Monsters, but rather develops into a more emotional story – helped along by Mary’s summer romance with carnival worker and mechanic Seth, who has his own issues and ghosts to deal with. The romance with Seth was a lovely addition, I genuinely found myself excited by their romance; it’s a true summer romance, short but intense, and it didn’t overshadow the story in any way. Seth was a sweetheart, as were the other friends that Mary made, Neil and Lemarr. Once again Mary was extremely likeable, she just seems very real to me, and Lacey was her usual hilarious self, whilst battling with her feelings about being a ghost.

As with My Daylight Monsters, it is well written and wonderfully easy to read, with enough intrigue and mystery to keep a reader hooked. I love that it takes the paranormal with a sense of lightness and didn’t leave me too scared to leave my room at night. I’ll definitely be reading more of Dalton’s work, and I imagine I will be buying the next installment in the Mary Hades series, to see what she gets up to next.

Read: June 2nd-5th 2015

4/5 stars


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