(Not So Little) Little Bits

Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die, #1) by Danielle Paige

I’m torn between three and four stars, so I’ll be nice and go with four because I did enjoy this quite a lot.

Some parts of this I really liked – the world building, the super twisted Oz, crazy Dorothy and her crazy henchmen, the witches. It’s a really interesting take on The Wizard of Oz story and I thoroughly enjoyed the direction Paige took with it.

Some parts, though, not so much – Amy was a pain in the ass half the time and seemed to contradict herself a lot; some aspects of her character I really liked but I just couldn’t stand other parts, insta-love and suddenly becoming a bad ass fighter amongst them. The Order kept things way too secret from Amy, as well; if you’re going to trick someone into joining your order, you need to keep them in the loop so they don’t mess things up.

I will be reading the second book because holy cliffhanger at the end and so many unanswered questions.

Read: May 19th-24th 2015

4/5 stars

Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

I really enjoyed this for the most part – it’s light, fluffy and easy paranormal romance that doesn’t require any brain power or thinking at all, even if it’s a good hundred pages too long. I liked the Deep South aspect and found the characters hilarious for the most part; Macon and Amma are absolutely fantastic.

The only things that grated on me were Ethan’s views of how he was so different and therefore better than everyone else – good for you if you want to leave your small minded hometown, but that doesn’t mean every single person who lives there is an ignorant idiot – and his horrendous judgement of the other girls at his school, constantly commenting on the way they look and dress. Newsflash, Ethan: you have no right to comment on their looks or how they live their life, and especially no right to deem them ‘slutty’ or ‘skanky’; they are horrible to Lena, yes, but their appearance has no correlation with this, so just stop.

Other than that, I’d recommend it quite highly for an easy holiday read – there are silly teenagers, some romance, seriously quirky relatives and witches. What more could you need on the beach?

Read: June 15th-21st 2015

4/5 stars


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