Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman

Received from NetGalley for review.

Please take this review with a pinch of salt, as I got to fifty pages and realised Vengeance Road just wasn’t for me – after that point I skimmed and nothing I read particularly held my interest. I’m not sure what aspect of the book didn’t work for me, I guess everything just didn’t come together the way I wanted it – I found the plot slow and boring, Kate was a bit dull (despite her awesome and ruthless desire for vengeance), the dialect bugged me, and I found that the whole thing dragged. I couldn’t get into the story on any level and had no emotional attachment to Kate, despite the fact her father had been murdered.

Having said that, I’ve seen so many positive reviews about this book – praising the unflinching way Bowman writes about vengeance and violence, and Kate’s character – so I would advise readers who like a kickass female protagonist and some blood and guts to give this book a go. I will personally be staying away from the Western genre, but I don’t lay the blame on Vengeance Road, rather my own personal tastes – my knowledge of Westerns is limited to the musical variety; give me a novelisation of Calamity Jane or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and I’m all yours, otherwise I don’t think I’ll be picking another one up.

Read: September 14th 2015

2/5 stars


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