Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (Between, #1) by April Genevieve Tucholke

Received from NetGalley for review.

I barely got 20% into this book before I had to give up. Initially I thought I was going to love it; the beginning with Freddie and Violet and the old mansion was fantastic, and there was a lovely timeless quality to the writing style. Unfortunately, Freddie dies and we fast forward to present day, five years later, where the story becomes terrible. Both characters and writing become forgettable, and everything about River made me want to scald myself in a shower for at least an hour. A short summary of what I disliked and why:

– River West. I have a feeling that if River had never made an appearance in this story I might have liked it. He initially comes across as some mysterious movie star handsome young man, but it soon becomes apparent he is not what he seems (read as totally creepy). Violet decides she’s in love with him instantly despite frequent creepy and unexplainable moments. Note to Violet: a pretty face does not a nice man make. He made my skin crawl, and when Violet basically described his feet as beautiful I knew I was done.
– Violet. She’s an idiot, and that made me sad. Immediately swooning over River, being a complete doormat for her brother and supposed friend – I’m just not buying it. I can’t invest in a character who is so bland and pathetic.
– After the lovely writing at the beginning, creating beautiful images and a glorious setting, everything became decidedly average.

A promising start, but sadly not for me. It might get better later on but I am not willing to find out.

Read: December 20th 2015

1/5 stars


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