The Specific Ocean by Kyo Maclear

Received from NetGalley for review.

‘No matter where I am, this specific ocean will be with me.’

The Specific Ocean is an adorable story for children, about a young girl who goes on holiday to a cabin near the Pacific Ocean with her family. At first she doesn’t want to be there and is convinced it will be a boring holiday, until she reluctantly goes down to the sea with her family and realises how vast and entrancing it can be.

The drawings are delightful – utilising a calm palette of blues, greens, and creams, with flashes of brightness, it is a wonderful thing to look at. The narrative itself is simple but descriptive, creating beautiful images with few words, and I know that adults and children alike will enjoy this during story time. It explores the ocean, with all of its mystery and allure, which will probably spark a lot of interest and beach trips for children – something I highly recommend, having spent half my childhood at the beach.

This is a lovely children’s book that will work on many levels – for younger children being read to, and older children who are gaining confidence in their reading ability. It’s a very sweet story and sparks excitement about the ocean, something that not enough people are interested in or care about.

Read: January 3rd 2016

4/5 stars


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