Little Bits

The Program (The Program, #1) by Suzanne Young

DNF @ 259 pages

Honestly, it just became too tedious. It’s not a bad book as such (could have worked without the depression element), it just has a really promising premise that fails to deliver on every level. Teen suicide as an epidemic sounded fascinating but the science behind it is so flawed. Depression as a contagious disease? Removal of memories to cure it? Nah, I’ll pass thanks. Add into that a completely passive and pitiful protagonist and I’m done.

Read: January 1st-7th 2016

1/5 stars

Consent by Nancy Ohlin

I got to page forty. FORTY. Then I skimmed and it still sucked.

I got through a teenager who thinks she knows everything, is better than everyone else, slut-shames her peers, randomly seems to dislike well off people – already a bad start. But she then defined a word. Like, ‘bla bla, this word means this…’. Fuck you, I can google stuff if I don’t understand it. I do not appreciate my intelligence being questioned by a book about a girl who goes all stupid over a teacher she thinks is hot. 4.0 GPA (references to her intelligence must have been about once a sentence) and still unbelievably, undeniably idiotic.

Read: January 17th 2016

1/5 stars


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