The Loneliness of Distant Beings by Kate Ling

Received from NetGalley for review.

I couldn’t get into this on any level; it’s like every other dystopia I’ve read (except not nearly as well written), with a helping of Illuminae (is space the ‘in thing’ right now?) and a side of nauseating insta-love. I tried – I actually quite liked the main character Seren and her disenchanted attitude – but the writing felt long winded and it bored me, trudging through the paragraphs felt like a lot of effort and I am not up for that kind of reading experience. I need flow and fluidity, not muddy bog water.

The story idea itself has merit – a multi-generational team of space explorers heading out to try and uncover the mystery of a coded message, although it does seem a pointless way to spend 600 hundred years and god knows how much money. Life inside the ship, Ventura, has become very controlled and regulated to ensure everything remains balanced and in order with even marriage and childbirth controlled – very reminiscent of a lot of other dystopian societies. There is definitely potential there, even if the idea itself is not overly original.

The main problem for me was the writing as it just didn’t suit me, but others may like it, and I’m sure lots of people will enjoy reading this even though I didn’t. I can see the potential and why people will like it, and I’m sure I would have continued to enjoy Seren’s character (and maybe even the romance) if I have read it properly. She seems like she might have been a total badass in certain situations, but I guess I’ll never know and I’m okay with that.

Go forth and read if you enjoy dystopian space opera, run for the hills if you’re already disenchanted with the genre and bored of the influx of space-related YA novels.

Read: May 8th-11th 2016

2/5 stars


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