Almost a Full Moon by Hawksley Workman

Received from NetGalley for review.

Almost a Full Moon is a festive story about a boy and his grandmother making some soup to soothe the coldness of the season and the travellers that end up joining them. It oozes warmth and Christmas spirit and as the Goodreads description says ‘evokes both the cold and the coziness of a winter’s night: crisp clean air, sparkling snow, the light of the moon, welcoming windows, glowing candles, family and friends.’ There is a delightful feeling of warmth in the pictures and the words, and as a total Christmas addict it was a fun dash of Christmas despite it being May.

The words are based on a song of the same name by Hawksley Workman with illustrations by Jensine Eckwall, and I thought that they complemented each other beautifully. I wasn’t sure how the lyrics would translate into a children’s story but the finished product is lovely, and something that I am sure many people will savour for many winters and Christmases to come. The illustrations were definitely my favourite part of this story – they are gorgeous and I love the style that Eckwall uses, it has a really whimsical feel that works perfectly with the festive tale.

The story itself is very simple but very sweet; it combines family, friends, friendship, Christmas spirit, welcoming everyone with open arms, and sharing what you have. What more could you want in a story?

Read: 22nd May 2016

4/5 stars


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