The Earth is Singing by Vanessa Curtis

(Originally published in Little Bits)

Books like this are so important. I’ll say it about nearly every book I read that deals with the events of World War II; these are the stories that need to be told, that authors must continue to write, whether fact or fiction, or based on fact.

The Earth is Singing is the heart-wrenching tale of Hanna, a Latvian Jew, and her family. A family that is prosecuted purely because of their religion. It is both terribly sad and full of hope, a common theme I have found within these types of books, and the simple way it is written makes the horrors Hanna and her family experience all the more vivid and violent. It’s like reading The Diary of Anne Frank mixed with The Sound of Music, but with more death and less singing. And it hurts, in the way it needs to.

If you’re reading this now, go out and buy this book. But it for yourself, someone in your family, or a friend. Sit and devour it, and pass it around, because these stories need to read, need to be out in the world. People cannot be allowed to forget the atrocities that happened, and need to be shamed and educated if they have the same thoughts of hatred towards a race or a religion.

Read: November 8th 2015

5/5 stars


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