Do Fairies Bring the Spring? by Liza Gardner Walsh

Received from NetGalley for review.

Do Fairies Bring the Spring? is an adorable children’s book that combines nature, magic, and poetry to allow children into a world of fairies and nature – it is both whimsical and educational, an excellent way to cultivate an early interest in the outdoor world. I imagine there will be many parents, children, and teachers reading and loving this delightful book.

When all the blossoms of spring begin to appear,
Do you think there might be fairies near?

This is a lovely little story, all about fairies and nature, and how they could be working together to create beautiful spring days. Gardner Walsh focuses on the idea of people working in harmony with nature, caring and appreciating it, so that we can all enjoy it. I find that most children’s books teach something in a subtle way and I like the way this story manages it twofold. Not only are children encouraged to be curious about nature and magic, they are also encouraged to understand that beautiful things can happen when here is harmony between two things; there is a definite message of looking after nature and respecting it, which I think is a brilliant message that we will always need.

Perhaps they rely on what each has to offer
both of their spirits making the other one softer.

The illustrations by Hazel Mitchell are beautiful in their simplicity, comprising soft colours and cute drawings of fairies, nature, and people. Every single page is a feast for the eyes and Mitchell’s drawings perfectly compliment Gardner Walsh’s words. I loved the diversity with the fairies as well – they weren’t all white, blonde-haired beauties, they show that mythical creatures can be just as varies as people with a multitude of races and different features, which is happening more and more in picture books and is always good to see.

I can’t recommend this story enough for children, parents, and teachers alike. It is both adorable and educational, and would lead to hours of magic and enjoyment for all – I particularly liked the last page of the story that encourages different ways to create a beautiful garden and help nature in your own small ways, and I know I will be using as many of those ideas as possible when I have children of my own.

Read: November 6th 2016

4/5 stars


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