Once Upon a Curse: 17 Dark Faerie Tales by Various

3.5/5 stars

Sometimes you just need a short story; something not quite as lengthy or developed as a full novel, but just as interesting. Once Upon A Curse was a brilliant little filler between novels for me – I love fairy tales, and I generally love retellings in their many forms, and there were definitely some gems within this collection.

Yarrow, Sturdy and Bright by Devon Monk – 4/5 stars

Fae Horse by Anthea Sharp – 4/5 stars

The Queen of Frost and Darkness by Christine Pope – 3/5 stars

Bones by Yasmine Galenorn – 3/5

Magic after Midnight by C. Gockel – 2.5/5

Dance with the Devil by Donna Augustine – 4/5

No Gift of Words by Annie Bellet – 4/5

The Grim Brother by Audrey Faye – 4/5

Beauty Inside Beast by Danielle Monsch – 3/5

Faescorned by Jenna Elizabeth Johnson – 3/5

Drawn to the Brink by Tara Maya – 4/5

The Variance Court by Alexia Purdy – 2/5

The Morrigan by Phaedra Weldon – 2/5

Alice by Julia Crane – 3.5/5

Still Red by Sabrina Locke – 4/5

The Final Straw by Jennifer Blackstream – 3.5/5

The Unicorn Hunter by Alethea Kontis – 4/5

Read: December 19th 2016

3.5/5 stars


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