The Blue Hour by Isabelle Simler

Received from NetGalley for review.

The day ends.
The night falls.
And in between…
there is the blue hour.

The Blue Hour is gorgeous children’s book that celebrates the beauty of nature at one of the lesser thought of times of the day – dusk. The words are simple yet so calming and the illustrations are beautiful. It would be perfect as a bedtime story, or just to enjoy as a calming moment with your children.

The blue hour settles in, and nature becomes still.

The story is that of an in-between time, when the day is ending and night is falling. It tells of all the things that different animals (and nature) in varying shades of blue are doing at that time, from the blue-silver sardines of the ocean to collections of wildflowers. The writing is fairly simple and effectively reads like a list, but there’s something about the relaxing rhythm of the words and calming images they conjure that make it a delightful reading experience.

The illustrations are enchanting. As with the words the pictures are simple yet beautiful, without losing any finer details; they bring the world and its night-time wonders to life, utilising the colour blue in all its wonderful variety. I love how Simler has explored animals from all over the globe, as it makes this book not only soothing but a great tool for creating interest in the world, in animals and nature – something that I think is massively important within children’s book. Highly recommended.

They wait for this moment every evening, silently…and the night softly wraps them in its quiet.

Read: January 8th 2017

4/5 stars


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