Little Bits

Nightmare Card by Catherine Johnson

I’m getting really pissed off with these so called ‘dyslexia friendly’ and ‘easy read’ books. I’m a teacher and I can see why they exist and why they are used, but I feel that they are actually an insult to dyslexic and/or reluctant readers; most of them are incredibly dull with barely any story line, and that is not how to engage someone to read. If Harry Potter is considered good for readers who struggle why is this crap being used in schools?! There are so many good books for people who have issues with reading, don’t insult their intelligence and ability with stuff like this.

Read: June 23rd 2017

1/5 stars

A Book for Benny by Judith Koppens

Recieved from NetGalley for review. 

This is an incredibly short children’s book, with about sixteen pages of actual story, but it is also incredibly adorable. The message is simple but important, and the accompanying illustrations are delightful and complement the story perfectly.

The story follows Sam, a young girl who wants to sit at home and read, but her dog, Benny, has other ideas. Sam decides to take Benny to the library to find a book that he’ll love so that they can both enjoy a cosy read on the sofa. Sam’s rummaging for the perfect book, and Benny’s reactions, will definitely get a giggle from younger readers, and I loved Sam’s persistence; when one book didn’t capture Benny’s interest she went straight back to the bookshelves for another. I always tell the children I teach that if they don’t like reading it’s just because they haven’t found the right book, and I like how this story echoes that idea; the right book is out there, just waiting to be found!

Read: July 3rd 2017

3/5 stars



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